Media Training

Our media training we use the skills harnessed by Jim Dougal from his career as a broadcast journalist and spokesman for the European Commission. We work at understanding our clients needs and helping them reach their goals. We provide a unique insight into all types of media interview situations. We develop and explain the methods used by both interviewer and interviewee. We work alongside Pi Communications, the leading TV facilities company and have at our disposal a purpose built facility to help our clients deal with both location and studio interviews.

In consultation and partnership with your management our media training courses will be developed so that our professional team can ensure that all courses are realistic and authentic. Our media trainer is a Professional broadcaster, TV Presenter, Interviewer, Producer and Public Affairs spokesman with over thirty years experience in dealing with all types of media situations. He is therefore an expert in dealing with the variety, diversity and range of training, which would be required to ensure a dynamic presentation on each and every occasion.

With the greater sophistication of today's broadcast and print media people are being asked to explain and justify their actions on air and in print every day. Many may see that as an intrusion and sometimes this may be the case. However the enormous appetite of the media is also an untapped opportunity for the organisations, groups and individuals striving to get their message across. To do so effectively the individuals must be prepared for all inevitabilities, with well planned arguments and strategies to handle the pressure of the media spotlight. The more comfortable you are in using the media to communicate your message the more effective you will be. Our group and individual training courses will ensure this is the case.

As required all our courses will be individually designed to meet each specific requirement and ensure content, control and positive delivery in each situation.