Public Affairs

At Dougal Media we believe that public affairs have become a crucial part of everyday business. Public affairs include the task of dealing with Government and Policy-makers Regionally, Nationally and on a European Scale that effect how your business functions in an ever-changing global marketplace. We act as an early warning base to ensure that you are plugged in to the ever changing political and policy environment. From us you will receive regular updates on the changing landscapes. We help you to influence political, legal and governmental matters that may effect how you do business. Our experience and contacts in Governmental affairs throughout Ireland, the UK, the European Union and the United States are unrivalled. We will connect you to the right people. We can provide immediate political intelligence, analysis and action to maximise your opportunities to influence decision makers. You can only be effective if you are well informed.

We focus on Government policy, the Legislative process, Executive decision making and, in Ireland, cross border relations. We see it as our role to influence your company relations and profile in a positive manner. This can include media relations, strategic and crisis management and event arrangement. We can ensure that your company has impact where it matters and position you precisely where you can be most effective. Many companies cannot afford the extra expense and personnel to develop a knowledge and positive interaction with the authorities. We can facilitate this for you on a retainer or project basis.